Do You Struggle With Anxiety?

Chiropractic Wauwatosa WI Anxiety

A Patient Testimonial

Chiropractic Wauwatosa WI Lily Rose Testimonial

“Before coming to Connect Chiropractic, I had been spending my whole life dealing with pretty intense anxiety and depression. I was unable to go anywhere with large crowds, couldn’t go to any family holiday gatherings, and, honestly, had really bad anxiety every time I left my house. I have been seeing a therapist, which helps a little, but I’m not a fan of medication so I don’t take any.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started with Connect Chiropractic and learned that the doctors can help with anxiety. I was very impressed with Dr. Marlee; with each adjustment, she would check in with me on how my anxiety was that day. It really made me feel heard, and I know my doctor genuinely cares about my well-being.

I think the re-evaluations really help! It means a lot to sit down with a team member and have them show me my progress and remind me what phase of care I am in. They also check in with what is going on outside of work, which is really nice and makes me feel great!!!! Also, them showing me my x-rays at my 2nd appointment was so nice. Normally when you go to the doctor, they take X-rays and just tell you what’s wrong but never show you. I felt more included in the decisions with my health.

After regular chiropractic care at Connect, I can report that I feel overall less anxiety, have fewer panic attacks, and have been able to spend more time with my family over the holidays. I was even able to go to the State Fair this year!! I would tell everyone to give chiropractic a try! It has changed my life.”

- Lily Rose