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Dr. Alexander Young grew up in West Bend, WI. Growing up, he had no intention of being a chiropractor. In fact, ever since he had been able to talk, he decided he wanted to be a dentist. While working toward his undergrad at Marquette University, Dr. Alex saw first hand the shortcomings of the current healthcare environment, and he knew he wanted to provide a better solution for people, one that would be drug free and allowed them to be empowered in their own health.

Dr. Alex came into chiropractic when a close friend who was in chiropractic school told him about the true power of chiropractic care. He then decided to see what it was all about, and found a neurologically-based chiropractor. Within weeks, he noticed a decrease in his life-long chronic headaches and allergies. It was at this point that Dr. Alex knew that he wanted to be a chiropractor.

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Chiropractic care didn't affect just Dr. Alex's life. His mother was in a car accident and had suffered from low back pain for over 7 years. After seeing countless doctors and only being given medications to mask the pain, she decided to have surgery. This surgery provided little improvement, and she was told she would likely need multiple surgeries further down the road. Dr. Alex then suggested to his mother that she see a chiropractor, and she has been able to avoid surgery and has had a significant decrease in her pain ever since.

Dr. Alex graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and is advanced certified in Torque Release Technique. During his time at Palmer College, Dr. Alex worked under the family & pediatric staff doctor in Palmer's Clinic and was even able to teach, as an assistant, other students about pediatric and obstetrician chiropractic care in OB/Peds class. After graduating, Dr. Alex decided he wanted to give something back to the people of the Milwaukee area, and opened Connect Chiropractic.

Dr. Alex's Certifications

  • Member of Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce
  • Wisconsin Chiropractic Association
  • Wisconsin Chiropractic Society
  • Advanced Certification in Torque Release Technique
  • Basic Certification in Activator Technique


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