Chiropractic Care for Kids

Chiropractic Wauwatosa WI Boy Getting Adjusted
Chiropractic Delafield WI Sawyer Testimonial

"All of his life, Sawyer struggled with chronic earaches that would occasionally become ear infections (he refers to them as "earitate"). He would also pretty regularly tell his family that his brain felt hot. On top of that, Sawyer has always been a very restless sleeper and would have trouble focusing in school because he was tired throughout the day. His mom tried keeping him on a very regular diet and sleep schedule, but nothing seemed to help.

Luckily, Sawyer's mom found Connect Chiropractic and decided to bring him in for an evaluation. Sawyer's first impressions of the office were: "I saw a nice desk and they made me my own card! I really like the people who work there!"

After four months of specific chiropractic care, Sawyer no longer has "earitate"! He hasn't mentioned his brain feeling hot in weeks, and he has been sleeping much more restfully. Even his teacher has commented on Sawyer's improved ability to focus throughout the school day! Sawyer now says that coming to the chiropractor is one of his favorite things each week, and he has become active in trying to help teach other kids why they should receive chiropractic care too!"

- Sawyer's Mom

Have you considered the benefits of Wauwatosa WI or Delafield WI chiropractic care for your children? Although children appear to bounce back from most injuries quickly, many parents don't understand the long-term effects of misalignments that children develop in their spine. Unfortunately, children do not always verbalize exactly what they feel when they are sore, uncomfortable, or in pain. Just like with adults, if the underlying cause is left alone for too long it can develop into much more serious issues.

Chiropractic May Help With Child Development

Chiropractic care may be helpful for your child's development. After development and birth, children growing into toddlers are faced with the developmental challenge of crawling and walking. While children are learning to overcome these challenges they are also going through a significant amount of straining, twisting, and falling.

While growth continues, and the child reaches the age where they play with pets, friends, and family, they can begin to develop bad posture, start playing contact sports, wear heavier backpacks (most likely the wrong way), and deal with the stress of more daily responsibilities. As these kids become teenagers and high school graduates, they join the workforce, which could place more strain on them depending on their chosen field.

As a parent, you need to make it a point to ensure that all the falls, stress, trauma, and physical demands that your children go through do not stop them from being kids. Chiropractic care is all about protecting your body from harm and chiropractors' exams are not intrusive but extensive enough that, even if your child is too young to communicate, or too shy, they can ascertain if treatment is needed or not.

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