Struggling with Shoulder Pain?

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Do you have shoulder pain? The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and as a result, is subject to a wide range of injuries and conditions. Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of problems, but some of the most common reasons for pain in the shoulder include neck and upper back problems, arthritis, abnormal motion patterns, participation in athletic events, and automobile accidents.

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Due to the wide range of potential causes, shoulder pain or abnormal motion in the joint could either develop gradually or come on suddenly. Since the shoulder joint is used in almost every daily activity, any injury to the area should be taken seriously and treated appropriately. Even minor injuries could worsen and should be treated early to help prevent progression. Some symptoms of a shoulder injury are more pronounced than others so any issues with the shoulder should be monitored carefully.

Common Symptoms

Symptoms indicating the need for an immediate evaluation of the shoulder include:

  • Pain that lasts for more than a week
  • Shoulder pain that comes and goes frequently
  • Difficulty raising your arm above your head
  • Trouble or pain when carrying objects
  • Pain that gets worse in the evening
  • Obvious signs of injury, or an unusual snapping or clicking sensation in the joint during movement

As with most conditions, the most effective treatment depends on the source of the problem, so getting an accurate diagnosis is a crucial step in the evaluation process. Most chiropractors are fully equipped and trained on the various methods for diagnosing the cause of shoulder pain.

With the clinical information provided from your history, advanced imaging techniques, and orthopedic procedures, a chiropractor will be able to quickly determine the exact cause of your pain. With this diagnosis, you can then develop an individualized treatment plan.

Treatment for Shoulder Pain

The neck and upper back are the areas where all of the muscles and structures that control the shoulder joint originate. There is a wide variety of issues that could arise if there is a problem with the nerves and the structures due to spinal misalignment. Research has also shown that many cases of shoulder pain are actually due to referred pain from the neck region.

If the shoulder pain persists following the correction of spinal misalignment, alert your chiropractor immediately. Additional manual and passive therapies will often be used in conjunction with the main chiropractic care to help ensure a fast recovery.

In any event, whether the pain is originating from the spine or is actually caused by damage to the shoulder joint, call our team at Connect Chiropractic for a full check-up.

Necrea's Testimonial

Chiropractic Wauwatosa WI Necrea Testimonial

“I decided to see a chiropractor because I was having major neck problems and shoulder pain. It had gotten so bad that I was having trouble lifting things and couldn't raise one arm over my head. I had previously gone to physical therapy for my arm, but it only provided temporary relief.

I was a little uncomfortable upon first coming to Connect Chiropractic, as I didn't trust the process as I knew it.

However, the staff and doctors were very friendly and put me at ease. They took the time to explain everything about where the problems were and how they would help relieve my symptoms. The technique that Connect uses and Dr. Alex’s relaxed personality as he explained the process and the benefits convinced me to give it a try. I am so glad I did!"

- Necrea