Struggling with Sciatica in Wauwatosa?

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Chronic pain from the back or buttocks and down through your legs could be a symptom of sciatica. In order to relieve the pain of sciatica, many people search for a Wauwatosa chiropractor. However, many others never find a long term solution. If left untreated, sciatica can get worse until everyday activities are no longer an option. The goal of this article is to improve your knowledge of sciatica as well as show how chiropractic care at Connect Chiropractic can help you.

Sciatic Treatment in Wauwatosa

Sciatica, or sciatic neuralgia, is a condition which creates pain, starting in the lower back and continuing through the back of the leg to the foot. Extended periods of standing or sitting can be unbearably painful when dealing with sciatica. In addition it can cause weakness, tingling and numbness throughout the leg and foot. Generally sciatica shows up periodically throughout a person’s life with different levels of pain and discomfort. Regardless, sciatica requires immediate attention to avoid permanent nerve damage.

Compression of your sciatic nerve, the body's longest nerve, is the reason why pain travels throughout the legs and back. Originating from the lumbar spine, and then extending into the buttocks and down the legs the sciatic nerve covers a wide range. When pinched by the compression of vertebrae in your lower back, the roots of the nerve are inflamed which causes the pain.

Chiropractic Wauwatosa WI Patient Testimonial

Family Chiropractor in Wauwatosa

"As somebody who has a very physically active career, I decided to come to Connect Chiropractic because my pain was making it hard for me to do my job. I had been experiencing sharp pain in my lower back along with a displaced hip and occasional numbness in my feet. I couldn't even bend over to get dressed in the morning without being in pain.

After consulting with my son and daughter-in-law, who were both already patients at Connect, I decided to see if chiropractic could help me feel better as well. I liked the idea of one chiropractor for my whole family! At my first visit to the new office in Wauwatosa, I was excited by the number of initial tests that Dr. Alex and his team performed and felt that they had made a thorough investigation of my condition using various tools and assessments. Chiropractic tonal adjustment techniques were new and unfamiliar to me, which made me a bit doubtful at first, but I appreciated that they took the time to explain their specific method of chiropractic care and answer all of my questions. I believe that all who work at Connect are kind and caring and dedicated to helping their patients get well.

In the first month of being a patient at Connect, I was already able to notice a moderate level of improvement in my lower back pain. Within two months, my lower back pain was gone, and my hip displacement had started coming into alignment. Dr. Alex is continuing to address other hip and sciatic issues which I hope with continued treatment will also improve. I have signed on to an ongoing program of care outlined for me, and I am anxious to see more results over time!"

How Do You Develop Sciatica?

Numerous conditions can develop into sciatica. The most frequent factor is disc injuries and bulged discs. These are caused by the disc compressing on the nerve root. Disc injuries are the result of poor posture, continuous bending over, injury or accidents. Pregnancy, trauma or poor posture are effects of subluxations which is common for sciatica. Even simple tasks, like bending over to pick up something, have caused patients to endure intense pain. Unfortunately, it is probable that this spine condition has been progressing previous to the incident.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica at Connect Chiropractic

Chiropractors in Wauwatosa have been trained to use precision to determine the source of sciatica pain and the best treatment options. With a complete evaluation of the patient, chiropractors will apply careful adjustments to assist the body in aligning the spine and provide relief for sciatica pain.

Recovery time varies on the severity of the sciatica and the amount of correction that needs to be done. A longer persisting condition will most likely require a longer recovery timetable. To end on a positive note, it usually requires less time to adjust and recover than it took to create the condition. A healthier body is often a result of spine and disc improvements. Call our team at Connect Chiropractic today if you are living with sciatica and its effects in Wauwatosa.


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