Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Wauwatosa WI Tim Testimonial

A Non-Surgical Approach to Pain

"I am a former semi-pro football player and have suffered multiple sports injuries, resulting in severe lower back and knee pain that has persisted for years. Not only that, but I had gotten to the point where I had to use a shoe lift to try and help with a very uncomfortable variance in the lengths of my legs.

Prior to becoming a practice member at Connect Chiropractic, I underwent at least 10 knee surgeries and was seeing a physical therapist, but nothing had fixed my symptoms. I was looking for a different medical specialist to help with my pain when I discovered Connect through Dr. Alex. After only four months of chiropractic care, my pain has decreased, and I am able to do things that I had been unable to do for more than ten years! On top of that, I had the lift removed from my shoe and now walk with a much smoother gait.

One of my main motivators in seeing a chiropractor has been ensuring that I can dance without pain at my daughter’s wedding someday. Even better, she is now a practice member as well, so we will both absolutely be in top shape and can dance together! I love sharing my success with others, and I have recommended chiropractic care to a friend who now comes here as well.

My only advice for the Connect Chiropractic team: keep up the good work! I have been impressed not only by the care that I have received but by the professional and cordial manner with which they have been treating me."

Chiropractic Delafield WI Nathan Testimonial

Medication-Free Way to Help Manage My Degenerative Disc Disease?

"Having been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease twelve years ago, I have had to live with neck pain and lower back pain for far too long. Physical activity had become very difficult for me, and I had to give up playing golf about 3 or 4 years ago because it was just too painful. I was only able to walk around the block before having to take a break because it hurt too much.

Upon my first visit to Connect Chiropractic, I was pleasantly surprised by the modern office and equipment. Not only that, but the staff is great and friendly! Being a bigger person, I was concerned that chiropractic care wouldn’t do me any good, but I decided to give it a chance anyway. I am very glad that I did!

After only one month of care, I was already able to notice less pain in my neck and lower back. I felt more relaxed, stronger, and my ability to move and walk had significantly improved.

Now, after just a few months, I am able to walk longer, sleep better, and I have no more neck pain. I’m looking forward to being able to golf again now that walking is more manageable for me! I am thrilled to have found a chiropractor in Wauwatosa that can help with my pain, and I would absolutely recommend Dr. Alex to others after experiencing how much he has been able to do for me."

Chiropractic Delafield WI Angela TestimonialCan the Chiropractor Help With Lockjaw?

"As a music major with severe TMJ, I came into Connect Chiropractic looking for a long-term solution that would give me the ability to play my saxophone more comfortably. My jaw had been locked shut for roughly 3 months, which affected not only my saxophone playing, but all aspects of my life --including eating, yawning, and laughing.

Prior to starting care at Connect, I had seen my primary care doctor and a speech therapist, but nothing had really come of it. Since I haven’t had much luck with fixing these problems in the past, I was generally skeptical that anything would help my jaw. However, I had heard good praises from my dad who also receives care from Dr. Alex. I decided to come in for a consultation and was impressed with the expertise and explanation that I received, so I was pretty excited to get started!

I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care to others. My jaw unlocked after only 3-4 weeks of care! Pretty much all aspects of my life from eating, sleeping, sitting, standing, and playing my instrument to yawning, talking, exercising, and so on have been positively impacted! In my opinion, being a practice member at Connect Chiropractic is an overall better and less painful way of life!"

Chiropractic Delafield WI Joe TestimonialHow Can You Make Sitting in a Wheelchair More Comfortable?

"Being wheelchair-bound, Joe is stuck in one position for long periods of time. He has had pretty severe stiffness in his hips for years, and it is very painful for him to straighten his legs while laying down. We have taken him to physical therapy off and on, but there have been little tono results. A friend who was already a practice member at Connect Chiropractic recommended bringing Joe here, and I am very glad that we did!

Within the first four months of seeing Dr. Alex, the majority of Joe's symptoms have improved. Also, we have noticed that Joe is always more relaxed after an adjustment! We love how Dr. Alex always goes above and beyond, explaining what he is doing and asking about how Joe has been feeling. If Joe is not able to get out of his wheelchair, Dr.Alex will adjust him in his chair. Otherwise, Dr. Alex actually goes under the table to do the adjustment through the hole in the table. We have been very impressed from the beginning by both the gentle approach to care and the kindness of everyone in the office."